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Yellow midi dress with handmade embroidery

Code: RB009

Custom Sized Luxury

We want the perfect fiting for you, so in our workshop, the design you will choose will be created according to your dimensions. In order to do this, please press the Custom Size button and fill the fiels with your measurements.

Product Care    Size Chart
1. Bust cm

Measure around the trunk, under arms and over the most prominent bust, keeping centimeter loose.

2. Waist cm

Measure your waist line, approximately 3 cm above the navel, keeping centimeter loose.

3. Hips cm

Measure below the waist, in the most prominent of the basin, keeping centimeter loose.

4. Shoulders - Bust cm

Measure from shoulder to bust the most prominent (top bust).

5. Bust - Waist cm

Measure from the top of bust to waist, holding centimeter flat, passing under the breast.

6. Bottom Height cm

Measure stand right from waist to floor, including spikes (it would be good to ask for help from another person will not be forced to bend).

7. Full Height cm

Total height with heels

8. Heel height cm

Chic, joyful and optimist!

Details: Yellow cloche, midi dress, on the upside a combination between fabric (100% PE), cut in a heartshape for accentuating the bust and polka-dots tulle (90%PA,10% PE), transparent at the back, loops and dressed buttons closing, cloche doubled skirt, small silk handmade application details all over.

Specifications: This dress can be made also on black.

Maintenance: Professional cleaning.

The model is 1,80 cm tall and the photographed product is size S.



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