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F.A.Q./ Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • - Can I place an order as a present to someone?

It is perfectly possible by giving the address of the beneficiary where the present is to be dispatched when you fill in the order form.

  • - How do I know what is the correct size?

Sizes are different but, in general, our company applies standard sizes. In order to find out the correspondent size, you must review the size table or, in case of a customized order, you must follow the steps indicated in the specific measures graphic. All values are in cm. After the order confirmation by the client, they will be contacted by phone by a specialist from to verify the correctness of the size related information.

  • - How do I know that my order was placed successfully?

As soon as the order was placed, the client will be notified by e-mail, will send to the client the confirmation, with the order registration and the order number. Thus, to validate your order, you must tick the space representing the confirmation of your order sent before, and remitted to shop At the moment we receive the order confirmation from the client, will send to the client another e-mail notifying them about the order registration and the order number.

  • - What is a customized order?

The customized order is made according to the particular sizes of the client or with different options than the presented standard item available on stock. It implies a special attention and a tailoring characteristic to each client in part.


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