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About my embroidery


Embroidery is the art or handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn in order to create beautiful unique designs to embellish anything from apparel to home decor. And some might say a very unique powerful tool for any creative fashion designer.

The origin of embroidery can be dated back before Christ, though, the way we know it today, it has been practiced for decades. As in worldwide application, embroidery exemplifies in fashion both appreciation for detail and desire for individuality.

Due to constant innovation and rapid technological progress, there now exist computerized embroidery machines. However, Rozalia Bot considers automated sewing processes rather impersonal. She opted for the lively manual art, having her mother embroider carefully and passionately, with an experience of over 50 years in this technique.

Mechanical hand embroidery is performed using simple household sewing machines, by guiding the embroidery frame, the needle with the thread, stitch by stitch on the pattern previously embroidered on the garment. Hence a lower sewing speed, Rozalia Bot's manual embroidery embellishes every single clothing item to its unicity, having them manufactured to the most stringent quality requirements, from the choice of color, wire grade to the finished product.  

However, should the embroidery on your finished product have an irregular appearance in terms of design or color, please consider them as distinctive signs of hand-made hard work, and thus, as the very identity of the product, rather than as defects. Thank you for honouring our work by buying unique clothing!




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