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We women are designed to shine and be admired. But our sensual way of being is indeed empowered by what we wear and how we wear it. This is why I allow myself the challenge of complimenting your truly complex architecture.


Inspired by the excellence of nature, my exclusive lines celebrate the beauty of our bodies. Take the multi-colored flowery handmade embroidery, for instance: my unique touch, my never-ending love for traditional motives and yet, my vision of modern, invite you all to identify yourselves with my fashion proposals. Let the delicate fabrics of my works define and express your feminine inner, feel comfortable and confident wearing them!


In my creations you can celebrate the beauty of nature and the wonderful architecture of your body. I feel inspired and attracted by modern, but always with faith in love for traditional reasons, the handmade embroidery, which makes your special outfit unique. Choose to define your style by inspiring choices with your own identify!


Ever since I was a child, I continuously developed my passion for fashion. It is now the moment to expose it at a professional level, by opening my own boutique for you. Discover your favorite creations on my website, those to offer you an outstanding appearance!



Rozalia Bot



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